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War Zone
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The War Zone

A Muckraker by Any Other Name is Still a Muckraker


The Berkeley Daily Planet attacks this website and its editor, John Gertz, non-stop in an apparent effort to deny us our free speech rights. 


Gertz has been called a racist, fascist, Nazi, liar, extremist, Israeli spy, crazy, crackpot, Republican (in fact he is a liberal Democrat), ultra right wing Zionist (he is in fact a left wing Zionist), Commie-baiter, and thief.  Oh, did we forget “twerp.”  It is as if by thaumaturgy or voodoo, that is, by the mere incantation of ugly names, that we will be magically swept away.


Gertz has been chided for wearing a funny looking yarmulke and for being a religious extremist, despite the fact that he is completely secular and only wears a yarmulke on the very rare occasions he attends synagogue. 


The Daily Planet printed a call for the boycott of Gertz’s other business, Zorro Productions.


O’Malley has repeatedly threatened DPWatchDog with lawsuits.  We have been denied any right to respond to its attacks in the pages of the Daily Planet.   Free speech advocate, Becky O’Malley, has placed a spam blocker on us. 


The Berkeley Daily Planet has even printed Gertz’s address next to his picture in a transparent invitation to its radical minions to commit an act of violence.  The publication of Gertz’s address served no legitimate news purpose.


This section, The War Zone, is for those who actually care to follow the latest charge, and our defense.  Mud wrestling has its fans.  The rest of the website is reserved for more serious considerations.


Some Threat!
January 4, 2010


Daily Planet advertiser, Vladislav Davidzon, owner of Common Circle Education, wrote a scathing letter accusing opponent of the Daily Planet of attempt to intimidate him into pulling his advertising.

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DPWatchDog Finally Posts a Petition That Was Falsely Alleged to Be Its Own
December 22, 2009

The Daily Planet announced a 60% decline in 2009 ad revenues (October 22, 2009). Since making that announcement, the Daily Planet has lost additional key accounts, so that the true decline may be in the neighborhood of 80%. 
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An Advertiser Defends the Planet
December 21, 2009

The December 17 issue of the Daily Planet featured a letter from DP advertiser, Vladislav Davidzon, owner of Common Circle Education.  It begins with these words:

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Yodeling in an Echo Chamber
December 14, 2009

The December 3 and 12, 2009 issues of the Daily Planet published many letters from all over the country condemning our editor, John Gertz.  The occasion was the publication in the New York Times on November 28 of an article about the dispute between DPWatchDog and the Daily Planet. 
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O’Malley and Sinkinson Reconcile, Agree on All Matters, Hug, and Make Up

September 21, 2009


As most of you know, some citizens have taken anti-Semitism, other forms of hate speech, and other forms of journalistic malfeasance in the Berkeley Daily Planet so seriously that they have urged advertisers to pull their ads.  The Berkeley Daily Planet has retaliated with incessant condemnations of these people (we are also routinely accused of trying to destroy the Daily Planet even though we restrict ourselves to research and analysis).  The main villain, according to O’Malley, is one Jim Sinkinson.
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Richard Brenneman Speaks for the Jews and for Becky

August 12, 2009


Under the rubric of “Reader Commentaries,” paid Daily Planet reporter, Richard Brenneman, announces proudly that as a Jew, he can testify that Becky O’Malley is no anti-Semite.

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This Time the Daily Planet Has Really Gone Nuts

August 7, 2009


The East Bay Council of Rabbis voted unanimously to send a letter to the Daily Planet, in effect reprimanding that paper for its ceaseless campaign against Jews, Israel, and those, such as ourselves, who would stand up to that bully (let’s be frank here), Becky O’Malley.  The rabbis on the Council cover the gamut from left to right, and from reform to orthodox, with all shades in between.  Getting all of them to vote unanimously for anything was probably no mean feat. 

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Response to the June 4th Attacks

June 8, 2009


On June 4, 2009 the Berkeley Daily Planet went ballistic, if not nuclear, publishing no less than nine separate pieces attacking this website and other people in Berkeley who have attempted to stand up to the paper’s malfeasance. Ensuing issues piled on with letters to the editors plus two DeFreitas cartoons. The paper refused to publish responses from myself or others who were attacked, and even refused to meaningfully retract statements that were clearly false.

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Anatomy of an Extremist

June 5, 2009


In the Berkeley Daily Planet’s now infamous June 4, 2009 condemnation of DPWatchDog I am called “one of the East Bay’s most militant Zionists.” No particular evidence is provided, or at least none that is not easily and effectively refuted. 


In fact, I have never in my life attended a pro-Israel street protest, counter-protest, or rally, and I have never even gotten around to joining the 50,000 or so people who annually attend “Israel in the Park” in San Francisco.                      

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Is Somone Stealing Those Papers?
June 15, 2009

It was alleged by a June 11 writer, and implied by the Berkeley Daily Planet itself, that someone stole copies of the June 4 edition from newsstands. That is the issue which condemned this website. We threaten the Berkeley Daily Planet with nothing more powerful than our word processor. We would never steal Becky’s papers and would immediately report it to the police if we learned of anything illegal being done on our behalf. 

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The Quality of Justice is not Determined by the

Size of the Lynch Mob

June 15, 2009


We draw your attention to the letters condemning DPWatchDog and its editor in the June 11, 2009 editions of the Berkeley Daily Planet. See if you can detect the slightest evidence that any of the authors, apart from Hardesty, had ever even visited this website, before roundly condemning it. We can find no such hint. This total lack of intellectual curiosity, and resultant gullibility, may be the defining feature of the average Daily Planet defender.

Zorro to the Rescue

June 1, 2009


The Berkeley Daily Planet has a special knack for dwelling on the irrelevant. The fact that I am a minority shareholder in, and CEO of, the company that owns Zorro is of prurient interest to the Berkeley Daily Planet. It is, however, completely irrelevant to our efforts on this website, which is owned and operated by a different company. 

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CENSORED: Click not here, says Becky O’Malley

May 14, 2009


In an email dated May 12, 2009 to our editor, Über-free speech advocate, Becky O’Malley, threatened a lawsuit if we do not immediately remove emails that she had sent us (see the sub-page for the email chain). She claims that she is an experienced writer and that therefore her emails are protected under copyright law. 

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"Kill the cops, Kill the Jews": The First Amendment as the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

May 12, 2009


Becky O’Malley has very little advertising in her newspaper. Presumably, advertisers find little allure in the DP’s core demographic, Berkeley’s aging radicals. So she fills the space with faux ads that promote the DP. Some beg the readers to send her money, as though the DP were a non-profit, which it is not. 

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O’Malley Ducks and Covers

April 30, 2009


“Hyper-free speech advocate,” Becky O’Malley recently sent us a threatening email. More properly, she copied us on a threatening email to someone who she alleges has interfered with her business, possibly by approaching her advertisers, though the email was not explicit. 

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The Berkeley Daily Planet's Cowardly Attack Upon this Website

March 16, 2009


In an extraordinary display of journalistic cowardice, the Berkeley Daily Planet has launched an attack upon this website and its editor, combining half-truths with complete fabrications (March 9, 2009). Under the title, “Open Letter to Our Advertisers and Readers,” the Berkeley Daily Planet attacks a letter apparently written by Jim Sinkinson. 

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O'Malley Tries to Strangle in its Cradle?

March 14, 2009


On March 12, 2009 the DP published an article by Mary Lou van Deventer condemning one Jim Sinkinson for sending a letter to DP advertisers, apparently asking them to cancel their ads in the paper. It is entirely possible that Mr. Sinkinson drew some of his facts from this website. 

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