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Our Top Secret Business Plan

This section of our website is double password protected.  However, we have been having some technical troubles, so if you entered this section without the password, avert your eyes immediately.

If you have not averted your eyes and are reading this sentence, at least please, whatever you do, do not tell our competitor, the Berkeley Daily Planet.

OK, here it is:  Our top secret business plan is to constantly enrich our content, disseminate our website through mutual links, viral marketing, and a traditional pr and ad campaign.  In time, we hope to branch out into news collection as well.  At first, we will focus on those stories that the DP refuses to cover, or which they botch, as only they can.  There is at least one serious Berkeley businessman we know who is so outraged by the DP that he is planning to start his own online Berkeley newspaper.  Although we have no current connection with him, we respect this person, so perhaps we will join forces.  As we build readership and become a fixture on the Berkeley scene, we will reach out to advertisers.  We will let you know if we encounter the same kind of problems gaining advertiser acceptance as the DP.

You will know we are in trouble if we pretend to be a non-profit and start asking you for dimes.

But what would really spell disaster for would be the reform of the DP.  So, PLEASE, do not tell them that its reform would destroy us.  We would lose our very purpose of existence.

In such an event, we would go bust, and it will be on your conscience.




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